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Multiple country Medicare fraud investigation leads to 11 arrests

After an investigation into Medicare fraud led investigators to two additional countries, several people were arrested on federal charges. Eight individuals were arrested in Florida, and three more persons were apprehended outside of our country. The individuals arrested in our state have been charged with Medicare fraud.

The exact date when the investigation began is unclear, but the authorities claim that the 11 individuals were committing Medicare fraud since 2011. The investigators suspect that the accused persons misled ex-patriates who had fled their native countries to live in the United States but later returned to the countries in which they were born. Supposedly, the individuals had set up Medicare for the ex-patriates but were allegedly billing the entity as if the ex-patriates were still living in South Florida.

Eight of the 11 accused individuals were arrested in Florida accused of Medicare fraud. One of the persons arrested is a doctor, and six others worked for a company called Florida Healthcare Plus. The other three individuals were arrested in Nicaragua, and it is unclear what charges they face or if they will be extradited. Those arrested here have already had their initial appearances in Miami federal court.

The eight individuals who face Medicare fraud charges in federal court in Florida have been accused of very serious crimes. However, since the scope of the alleged crimes is so large and spans three countries, it is possible that the prosecution may have a difficult time gathering sufficient evidence against each individual. Additionally, each person accused of a crime will have every opportunity to defend his- or her self against any accusation brought against that person in court.

Source: miamiherald.com, "Feds arrest eight Miami suspects in Medicare probe linked to Nicaragua, DR", Jay Weaver, Nov. 19, 2014

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