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Florida doctor accused of multiple sex offenses

Many Florida readers have already heard of the arrest of a Pasco County doctor who stands accused of serious criminal offenses against his female patients. The osteopathic physician had his own practice in Dade City, and his family has lived in the area for many years. Although praised by many of his patients, he is now under investigation for sex offenses after several women have come forward to say that he drugged them before sexually assaulting them in his office.

As of yet, no charges have been filed in the matter. The doctor is, however, currently under an Order of Emergency Restriction of License. This court document states that he is not allowed to treat female patients. While the doctor still holds a valid medical license and is authorized to treat patients at East Pasco Medical Center, he is no longer listed as a member on the staff of that facility.

As of the time of this report, at least three women have come forward with claims that the doctor gave them medication to alter their state of consciousness before sexually assaulting them. These claims range back nearly a decade. The earliest claim was investigated by the Department of Health, and did not result in criminal charges. The matter is now being investigated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

As this case moves forward, it is possible that the claims made against the doctor will once again be found to not reach the level of criminal conduct. Being accused of sex offenses is a serious matter, and the circumstances surrounding this case have already led to professional damage to the doctor, who has sold his Florida medical practice. Should the accusations fail to produce criminal charges or a conviction, it could take some time before the physician is able to rebuild trust within his community.  

Source: wtsp.com, "Doctor accused of drugging, sexually assaulting patients", Kendra Conlon, Dec. 24, 2014

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