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Fatal Florida accidents results in drunk driving charge

For people who have driven for a while, it seems like a fairly simple task. However, there are many different tasks a driver must complete. At the very least, the driver must operate the vehicle while constantly monitoring road conditions and the potential actions of other drivers.  With this in mind, it is easy to understand how an accident can happen and how a driver could be unsure of the exact extent of a collision. A man in Florida now faces a drunk driving charge after he allegedly struck a woman on a sidewalk and left the scene, though his comments seem to indicate that he may have been unaware that a woman was struck.

Reports indicate that a 56-year-old male driver drove onto a sidewalk, hitting a 41-year-old woman waiting for a bus. She died at the scene. He allegedly did not remain at the scene. A witness stated that the driver stopped approximately 85 feet from the accident to access the damage to his vehicle but returned to his vehicle and drove away.

The driver was reportedly discovered a few blocks away. When a police officer told him he had been in an accident, he reportedly denied the claim, saying that he had simply struck a curb, causing a flat tire. Police claim that the man reported that he had taken Nyquil and drank several beers prior to the accident, but it is unclear if the results of a blood alcohol tests are available. He now faces multiple charges, including manslaughter.

Any person in Florida who faces a drunk driving charge likely wants an experienced attorney who can examine the evidence against a person, including information given prior to access to an attorney, and -- if appropriate -- attempt to have it excluded from court proceedings. Other options would be to negotiate a plea deal for a reduced charge or sentence or proceed to trial, forcing prosecutors to actually prove their case according to the exacting requirements of the criminal justice system. An attorney can outline the different options an accused person may have and advise him or her in the choice of the best option.

Source: sun-sentinel.com, "Drunken driver hits, kills woman waiting for bus in Deerfield, deputies say", Tonyalanez, Dec. 22, 2014

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