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December 2014 Archives

Florida doctor accused of multiple sex offenses

Many Florida readers have already heard of the arrest of a Pasco County doctor who stands accused of serious criminal offenses against his female patients. The osteopathic physician had his own practice in Dade City, and his family has lived in the area for many years. Although praised by many of his patients, he is now under investigation for sex offenses after several women have come forward to say that he drugged them before sexually assaulting them in his office.

Fatal Florida accidents results in drunk driving charge

For people who have driven for a while, it seems like a fairly simple task. However, there are many different tasks a driver must complete. At the very least, the driver must operate the vehicle while constantly monitoring road conditions and the potential actions of other drivers.  With this in mind, it is easy to understand how an accident can happen and how a driver could be unsure of the exact extent of a collision. A man in Florida now faces a drunk driving charge after he allegedly struck a woman on a sidewalk and left the scene, though his comments seem to indicate that he may have been unaware that a woman was struck.

Stand your ground criminal charges before Florida Supreme Court

The concept of "stand your ground" law in the state of Florida has received a great deal of media attention in recent years. Courts have differed in their interpretation of an individual's right to use force or the threat of force when one feels threatened or in danger. An example lies in a recent case in front of the Florida Supreme Court, in which criminal charges followed a road rage incident.

Having your Day in Court? Think Again - The Decline of the Trial

So far in 2014, I have tried ten cases to verdict and picked three juries for cases that settled prior to opening statements but after we argued pre-trial motions. These cases represent a very small portion of the total number of cases I handled in my criminal defense practice. Most cases resolved with a negotiated resolution. This is not just the trend in my practice, but a national phenomenon which has received widespread coverage.

Florida man faces drunk driving charge

A veteran city attorney is facing his third DUI charge, according to local sources. The Florida official, who has worked for the city of St. Petersburg for 25 years, was charged with drunk driving in the early morning of Nov. 30. He has voluntarily given up his title but is still employed by the city at this time. 

Multiple country Medicare fraud investigation leads to 11 arrests

After an investigation into Medicare fraud led investigators to two additional countries, several people were arrested on federal charges. Eight individuals were arrested in Florida, and three more persons were apprehended outside of our country. The individuals arrested in our state have been charged with Medicare fraud.

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