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November 2014 Archives

Will criminal charges ruin one's chances for college?

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter for anyone in Florida. However, for those who are planning to attend college, the repercussions can be even more significant. Avoiding a conviction is always the primary goal of an individual facing criminal charges, and should be a top priority in the timeframe after arrest. However, one recently published piece may offer hope to those in the state who already have a criminal record.

Florida mom could face criminal charges for vegan formula

One of the rights that Americans value the most is the ability to dictate the methods used to raise one's children. Parental rights have been upheld in a wide range of court cases. One Florida woman, however, has been challenged for her decision to feed her baby according to a vegan diet and is currently facing criminal charges, as well as the loss of her child custody rights.

Ministers facing criminal charges for feeding homeless

The primary focus of many criminal defense strategies in Florida is to prove to a judge or jury that the individual charged with a crime is innocent. However, there are certain instances in which guilt is not only admitted by the accused, but the resulting criminal charges are held forth as a badge of honor. These individuals take many forms; some are protestors, others practice more intense forms of civil disobedience in order to make a statement against that which they believe to be unjust. What they all share in common is the deeply held belief that there are times at which the law is in direct opposition to what is fundamentally right and good.

Daytona Beach commissioner facing battery charge

Being charged with battery, or assault of any kind, is not something that should be taken lightly. Any accusation where one person is accused of physically making contact with another person in an attempt to hurt him or her should be taken seriously, as the consequences from a conviction can be far-reaching.

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