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What to do when charged with a white collar crime in Florida

Those who are charged with white collar crimes may mistakenly think that it is not a serious matter. Nothing could be further from the truth -- prosecutors take accusations of fraud, embezzlement and related crimes very seriously and won't hesitate to seek the maximum punishment if a conviction is obtained. These punishments can range from fines to incarceration and can have lasting effects on a person's future. Anyone here in Florida who is accused of committing a white collar crime can benefit from experienced representation. At Delgado & Romanik, we are focused on ensuring that those accused are given a fair trial.

Sometimes -- when businesses do not succeed -- the owners may be accused of fraud so that any investors, employees or customers can try to recoup lost money. If you have been accused of such crimes, our team can help you navigate the charges and determine the best course of action. These cases are often very complicated and are best handled by someone experienced in defending fraud cases.

A few other kinds of white collar crime are:

  • mortgage fraud
  • healthcare fraud
  • ponzi or pyramid schemes-check fraud
  • check fraud

There are many other examples, but those who are accused of any of them need to understand just what they may be up against.

If you have been accused of fraud here in Florida, we may be able to help. Our webpage on white collar crime may offer answers to your questions. Our team at Delgado & Romanik can examine the facts surrounding your case and recommend a course of action in order to facilitate the best outcome possible.

Source: Delgado & Romanik, "Daytona Beach White Collar Crime Lawyer", , Oct. 3, 2014

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