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October 2014 Archives

Florida & Medical marijuana - Trick or Treat!

First, happy Halloween to those of you who read our Firm's blog. I have written before in support of legalizing marijuana, for medical and recreational purposes, but with the big vote looming next week, I wanted to revisit the topic. This article was born as an "op-ed" piece that was not published for a variety of reasons, none of which apply to my Firm's blog.

Children jailed on juvenile offenses waiting far too long

A recent news article has shed light on a disturbing reality within the Florida juvenile justice system. Children who are being charged with juvenile offenses are being held for excessive periods of time within juvenile facilities, and they are essentially serving unofficial sentences while they wait for their day in court. The story has sparked debate across the state and has many standing up and demanding change.

Florida sheriff's deputy accused of a crime

When parents go through a divorce, the communication between spouses can become incredibly tense and strained. Misunderstandings can easily result, and the animosity that often exists between divorcing parents can allow such miscommunication to escalate. Such may be the case for one Florida sheriff's deputy who was recently accused of a crime in connection to a visit with her son.

A second chance for first-time drunk driving charges

When faced with charges of drinking and driving, first-time offenders are up against a serious list of repercussions. If a conviction is obtained by the prosecution, an individual charged with his or her first drunk driving offense could face fines ranging from $500 to $2,000, as well as a minimum six-month loss of driving privileges, probation, community service or even jail time. A new program, however, offers some Florida residents a second chance after a first drunk driving arrest.

Allegations of sex offenses plague college sports

When the media reports yet another accusation of sexual misconduct against a college athlete, many in Florid are not surprised. Such stories have dominated the news in recent years, leaving many to question the integrity of the young men who choose to pursue an athletic career while also earning a college degree. This is an unfortunate thing, however, as many of those charged with sex offenses are eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.

What to do when charged with a white collar crime in Florida

Those who are charged with white collar crimes may mistakenly think that it is not a serious matter. Nothing could be further from the truth -- prosecutors take accusations of fraud, embezzlement and related crimes very seriously and won't hesitate to seek the maximum punishment if a conviction is obtained. These punishments can range from fines to incarceration and can have lasting effects on a person's future. Anyone here in Florida who is accused of committing a white collar crime can benefit from experienced representation. At Delgado & Romanik, we are focused on ensuring that those accused are given a fair trial.

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