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Florida prison guards arrested, accused of a crime

Few things are more stressful than being faced with criminal charges. For those in Florida who are accused of a crime, a series of events is set into motion that are largely outside of one's control. It can be difficult to address one's legal needs in a manner that is both swift and carefully considered, but doing so can make the difference between success and failure. Such is the case for six prison guards who find themselves accused of official misconduct and felony battery.

It is unclear what led the six guards to an altercation with a prisoner. Reports indicate, however, that the man was gassed prior to being severely beaten. Among those arrested is a Captain who is alleged to have ordered the beating. At the time of the incident, the prisoner was said to have been handcuffed and shackled.

Working within the Florida prison system is a stressful and dangerous occupation. Those reading media coverage of this incident should not be quick to jump to conclusions about the incident or the officers involved. In many cases, criminal charges pertaining to official misconduct are amended or dropped before ever reaching trial.

As these Florida guards prepare for their response to the charges against them, they will rely on their legal team to explore the details of what took place immediately before, during and after the alleged beating. It is possible that the incident has been misrepresented to the media, and that the actions taken by the guards were not an abuse of their power within the prison environment. As with anyone who is accused of a crime, these men deserve to be presumed innocent until found otherwise.

Source: Bradenton Herald, "6 Florida prison guards arrested on brutality charges", Julie K. Brown, Sept. 11, 2014

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