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82 arrested for alleged gun and drug crimes

Resulting from an operation known as Operation: Eternal Vigilance, 82 people were recently arrested in the Orlando area. The Orange County Sheriff's Office, the Orlando Police Department and the FBI worked together during the operation. The 82 persons face differing Florida charges of varying degrees, but they are all suspected of gun and drug crimes.

The police forces apparently investigated the accused individuals for 18 months. However, they still claim that they have dozens more to locate and arrest. Most of the persons arrested have prior criminal histories, including burglary, robbery and drug dealing. The intent of the operation was to remove crime from the city, particularly in the southern area where many drug crimes and violent crimes are committed.

For the most part, the operation was aimed at street level drug dealers. However, six of those arrested face federal charges for drug trafficking and firearm offenses. The specific charges that each person faces were not reported. The operation itself is now over, but the authorities claim that they will still search for the other persons that they had investigated previously.

In cases such as this one, where so many people are arrested and accused of committing gun and drug crimes, it can be difficult for the prosecution to find enough evidence to convict every single person. Additionally, when multiple people are arrested, it is possible for the police to make a mistake and not follow proper procedure during the arrest process. Everyone accused of a crime in Florida has specific legal rights, and each defendant would do well to ensure that those rights are protected; otherwise, it could have a great impact on their cases.

Source: mynews13.com, "82 arrested in Orlando area drug, illegal gun bust", Amanda Mckenzie, Aug. 22, 2014

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