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September 2014 Archives

Florida prison guards arrested, accused of a crime

Few things are more stressful than being faced with criminal charges. For those in Florida who are accused of a crime, a series of events is set into motion that are largely outside of one's control. It can be difficult to address one's legal needs in a manner that is both swift and carefully considered, but doing so can make the difference between success and failure. Such is the case for six prison guards who find themselves accused of official misconduct and felony battery.

Couple charged with white collar crime in bankruptcy

A Palm Beach couple who have gone through significant financial problems in recent years now find themselves in legal trouble, as well. They have been charged with failing to disclose significant assets within their personal bankruptcy filing. This is a white collar crime that many in Florid are not even aware that they are committing.

Man facing criminal charges after falling asleep in home

Many of the crimes that Florida residents are charged with are of a predictable nature. A man steals a car, a woman robs a convenience store. Someone buys drugs, another individual sell drugs. However, there are some cases that provide exceptions, and it is these arrests that many people remember the most. The following case is an example of an unusual series of events that have led to criminal charges for one Florida man.

82 arrested for alleged gun and drug crimes

Resulting from an operation known as Operation: Eternal Vigilance, 82 people were recently arrested in the Orlando area. The Orange County Sheriff's Office, the Orlando Police Department and the FBI worked together during the operation. The 82 persons face differing Florida charges of varying degrees, but they are all suspected of gun and drug crimes.

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