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Mom's boyfriend could face murder in teen's death

When a child goes missing, the police immediately begin a thorough and wide-reaching investigation into the matter. As a rule, the family members and those closest to the child are looked at first, and a great deal of scrutiny is directed toward these potential suspects. In some cases, police mistakenly focus on certain suspects at the exclusion of pursuing other possibilities, which can lead to inaccurate conclusions and a loss of precious time in searching for the child. Such may be the case for one Florida man who may be facing murder charges in the coming days.

The story begins with the sudden disappearance of a 16-year-old girl from her home. Upon investigation of the home, police found that many of the girl’s personal belongings had been removed from her room, along with the sheets from her bed. Blood evidence was also discovered in the room, along with signs that someone had used bleach to try to remove evidence from the scene. Sadly, the young girl’s body was recently found in an are about one mile from her home.

Even prior to the discovery of the girl’s remains, police arrested the boyfriend of the girl’s mother. He faces charges of interfering with police during the investigation and of tampering with evidence related to the crime. He is being held in jail with a bond of $200,000. In the coming days, many expect him to be charged with the girl’s murder.

As this case moves forward, the man accused of these crimes will need to work with his legal team to determine the best possible response to the charges against him. Should he be charged with murder, the repercussions for a conviction are severe. There is no way to know as of yet what exactly took place that led to the death of this young girl, but it is important to keep in mind that not all criminal charges lead to a conviction, or even a trial. As Florida police continue to investigate this case, many in the community will watch to see how the matter concludes, and will keep the family in their hearts and minds in the coming days.

Source: mynews13.com, "Alexandria Chery confirmed dead: Medical examiner IDs body", Amanda McKenzie and John W. Davis, Aug. 6, 2014

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