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Arrested Greyhound bus driver is now focused on DUI defense

One man in Florida was recently accused of driving under the influence, which can naturally be an unnerving experience. A DUI defense team must make sure that the charged person’s rights are upheld during all stages of the criminal proceeding. The recent DUI incident involved a man who was reportedly driving a Greyhound bus.

Passengers on the bus called the police, saying that the man was driving erratically and kept falling asleep behind the wheel. The 59-year-old was later arrested in the area of Interstate 95 during the evening hours. The man was first transported to a hospital after suffering from a medical problem stemming from the particular substance he had been using, police said.

The man faces one DUI charge. He might also be charged with child neglect. This is because two children were on the Greyhound bus when the incident took place. A new Greyhound driver replaced him so that the 39 passengers could get to their destination.

Being charged with driving under the influence can have a multifaceted impact. A conviction can result in jail time as well as fines and a license suspension. It may also ruin a person’s chance of working in certain jobs or even renting motor vehicles. An accused person’s DUI defense team may benefit from exploring all of the evidence that prosecutors seek to submit in court to support the criminal charges. This may help the defendant to achieve the most favorable outcome attainable, considering all relevant circumstances and facts of the case in Florida.

Source: wesh.com, "Greyhound bus driver headed to South Fla. arrested on DUI charges", Stephanie Kolp, Aug. 25, 2014

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