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August 2014 Archives

Arrested Greyhound bus driver is now focused on DUI defense

One man in Florida was recently accused of driving under the influence, which can naturally be an unnerving experience. A DUI defense team must make sure that the charged person’s rights are upheld during all stages of the criminal proceeding. The recent DUI incident involved a man who was reportedly driving a Greyhound bus.

Florida ice cream store owners accused of a crime

Few people like to go into serious situations without understanding what to expect or without having done some semblance of preparation. This same idea goes for individuals who may find themselves facing legal situations that need their attention. Being accused of a crime can result in parties needing to be able to make meaningful decisions that could have a significant impact on their futures.

Florida man charged with drunk driving after deadly car accident

A Florida man is facing charges for drunk driving after a fatal car accident claimed the life of a construction worker. According to the report, the man failed sobriety tests that are typically administered when drunk driving is suspected. The man was officially charged with DUI causing injury and death and DUI causing property damage.

Mom's boyfriend could face murder in teen's death

When a child goes missing, the police immediately begin a thorough and wide-reaching investigation into the matter. As a rule, the family members and those closest to the child are looked at first, and a great deal of scrutiny is directed toward these potential suspects. In some cases, police mistakenly focus on certain suspects at the exclusion of pursuing other possibilities, which can lead to inaccurate conclusions and a loss of precious time in searching for the child. Such may be the case for one Florida man who may be facing murder charges in the coming days.

Family relieved after criminal charges are dropped

When Florida residents read or hear media coverage of an arrest, it is important to remember that as Americans, we are all innocent until proven guilty. Until criminal charges are proven in a court of law, the public should strive to avoid passing a more social form of judgment on those who stand accused. The recent dismissal of charges against one prominent Florida resident presents an excellent example of the dangers of jumping to conclusions too quickly.

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