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Florida trooper arrested for alleged drunk driving

Prosecutors consider offenses related to impaired driving to be of extreme importance. Those who are unfortunate enough to be charged with drunk driving may be aware of this fact, but they may not know exactly what potential punishments can accompany being convicted of a DUI, particularly if they are also convicted of other offenses at the same time. A trooper for the Florida Highway Patrol has been arrested and charged with DUI as well as felony drug possession, and his punishment could be severe if he is found guilty.

The incident happened on a recent afternoon at a gas station after a different trooper received a tip about a potential drunk driver. When the officer reported to the scene, he found the accused trooper, who was apparently showing signs of intoxication. Though he was not in his vehicle when the officer arrived on the scene, authorities were able to review security footage from the gas station and they say that it showed he had driven his car there. Officers claim they administered field sobriety tests and determined that he was impaired. They searched his car and say that they discovered several hydrocodone pills.

The trooper was arrested and charged that day and fired the next. The Florida Highway Patrol has stated that they believe their officers should set a good example for the rest of the public and that they would not allow the type of behavior that their trooper has been accused of. He has posted bail and is no longer in custody at this time as he awaits further court action.

No matter who the person is that is accused of drunk driving, he or she has the right to defend him- or herself against the crimes they are accused of in a Florida court of law. It is good to remember for anyone in his situation that the multiple charges coupled together could result in very serious punishment if he is convicted. For this reason, defendants will need a thorough understanding of the laws around these types of crimes in order to prepare their defense strategies and assure the best possible outcome.

Source: tampabay.com, "Trooper dismissed after DUI, drug arrest in Spring Hill", Danny Valentine, July 17, 2014

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