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Florida pilot suspended from flying after drunk driving charges

Convictions—or even charges—for drunk driving come with numerous consequences that affect a person's life. Not only are both civil and criminal legal proceedings possible, but a DUI can also impact a person's career.

One Florida pilot has been suspended from flying following charges of drunk driving. The pilot, who is from Daytona Beach, was allegedly driving a rented Buick when the incident leading to charges occurred. An officer says he saw the Buick run through a flashing red light earlier this month. According to the police officer, the driver of the Buick continued toward the intersection, and the police officer was about to pass the car.

Just before the intersection, the car stopped in the crosswalk. The police officer said the pilot originally explained the incident by stating that a passenger in his car did not feel well.

Police put the man through field sobriety tests after noting that he had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol, say authorities. Authorities also say that a blood alcohol test performed at the jail registered a result of .095.

The pilot was charged with DUI, his first such offense, according to records. He was able to post bail, which was set at $1,000. His court date is set for July 30. In the meantime, he is suspended from flying.

For a commercial airline pilot, license suspension is very serious. Other professionals could face similar trouble following accusations of DUI. One aspect of a criminal defense is understanding how charges might impact overall life for a person. A defense strategy should concentrate on reducing sentencing or having charges dismissed but should also keep in mind that legal actions have an impact across a person's life and should be addressed accordingly.

Source: WZVN, "Airline pilot arrested for DUI in Collier Co.," July 8, 2014

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