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Criminal charges for man accused of feeding a bear

There are certain situations in which an individual can break a Florida law without knowing that they have done anything wrong. These cases often lead to high levels of public interest, as others might wonder if their own behavior could unwittingly equate to a criminal act. Such is the case with a recent story of a man who is now facing criminal charges for feeding bears within his neighborhood.

The charges come on the heels of an incident in which one of the man’s neighbors was attacked by a bear. The victim claims that a bear attacked her, swiping its claws across her face very close to one of her eyes. When officials investigated, they found several other neighbors who say that the man regularly feeds bears on his property.

Officials with Florida Fish and Wildlife have a photograph of the man that shows him in close proximity to a bear. Some neighbors claim to have seen him feeding bears, while others told the authorities that the man has shown them photos that depict the same. In addition, officials claim to have discovered a well-worn animal path to the man’s property, as well as large volumes of bear feces on the man’s lawn.

As this case moves forward, many in Florida will follow developments as they arise. As for the man who stands accused of feeding the bears, he has vowed to continue to fight the criminal charges in court. There is no word on what punitive repercussions could arise if he is found guilty, or if any civil action has been initiated on the part of the neighbor who was attacked.

Source: wtsp.com, "Florida man in trouble for feeding bears", , July 11, 2014

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