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July 2014 Archives

Florida trooper arrested for alleged drunk driving

Prosecutors consider offenses related to impaired driving to be of extreme importance. Those who are unfortunate enough to be charged with drunk driving may be aware of this fact, but they may not know exactly what potential punishments can accompany being convicted of a DUI, particularly if they are also convicted of other offenses at the same time. A trooper for the Florida Highway Patrol has been arrested and charged with DUI as well as felony drug possession, and his punishment could be severe if he is found guilty.

Criminal charges for man accused of feeding a bear

There are certain situations in which an individual can break a Florida law without knowing that they have done anything wrong. These cases often lead to high levels of public interest, as others might wonder if their own behavior could unwittingly equate to a criminal act. Such is the case with a recent story of a man who is now facing criminal charges for feeding bears within his neighborhood.

Florida medical marijuana legalization considerations

By now, everyone in Florida is probably aware of the possibility that medical marijuana may become legalized in the state. The measure is up for a vote on the November ballot. With the decision regarding the issue looming, residents might wonder about how the legalization of medical marijuana would affect communities if it passes.

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