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Man charged after gun goes off in dispute over missing dog

For many people, dogs are a part of the family, and when a dog goes missing or if a dog owner suspects that someone has harmed the dog, emotions can understandably run high. A press release from a Florida sheriff’s office claims that a missing dog sparked a dispute that led to a charge of attempted murder.

According to authorities, a 55-year-old man whose dog was missing went to another home to confront a woman who lives there. The sheriff’s office claims that the man was carrying a shotgun when he allegedly stepped onto the property and threatened the woman.

A 31-year-old man in the residence reportedly came out after hearing an altercation, and the dog owner allegedly threatened the man before a first shot was fired from the dog owner’s gun. No one was hit by the first shot, according to authorities.

The press release from the sheriff’s office alleges that the dog owner followed the younger man into the residence, where a struggle ensued.  As the men struggled, the gun went off again. The younger man was reportedly hit by the gunshot before he struck the older man in the head with a hammer.

Deputies who arrived on the scene seized the hammer and the shotgun, along with a pistol that was allegedly in the dog owner’s possession. Both men were taken to a hospital for treatment, but only the dog owner is facing charges. He is accused of aggravated assault, armed burglary of an occupied dwelling and attempted murder.

To achieve the best possible outcome, anyone accused of a violent crime should begin mounting a strong criminal defense as quickly as possible. Often when a physical altercation leads to criminal charges, the story is much more complicated than the one told by police. Accused individuals have a legal right to tell their side of the story in court.

Source: NWF Daily News, Fight over missing dog leads to attempted murder charge, Trista Pruett, June 3, 2014

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