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June 2014 Archives

Activists speak out against Florida juvenile prisons

For any person accused and convicted of a crime, time served in prison can be difficult. Not only is prison time unpleasant, but it also brings consequences that could infiltrate all areas of an individual's life. This is especially true for young men and women who are convicted of crimes in their teenage years and must live with such experiences and records for the rest of their lives. Some activists are speaking out against certain aspects of the Florida juvenile justice system. Specifically, activists point to privatized juvenile prisons. The prisons are run by private companies that contract with the state. One company manages contracts that exceed $100 million and represent about 10 percent of the juvenile prison system. A juvenile judge has even referred to one of the private juvenile prisons as "evil" and "third-world."

Drug, weapons charges follow routine traffic stop in Florida

Just because a driver is pulled over for an alleged traffic violation does not automatically give police the right to search the vehicle or anyone inside. However, there are circumstances in which police may have probable cause to conduct a search. For example, if drugs or weapons are in plain view inside the vehicle, or if police find that there is warrant for the arrest of one of the vehicle’s occupants.

Man charged after gun goes off in dispute over missing dog

For many people, dogs are a part of the family, and when a dog goes missing or if a dog owner suspects that someone has harmed the dog, emotions can understandably run high. A press release from a Florida sheriff’s office claims that a missing dog sparked a dispute that led to a charge of attempted murder.

19-year-old accused of using grandmother's account to cash checks

Criminal charges can not only lead to serious penalties such as jail and fines; families can also suffer. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, then you need to be aware of every available option for resolving the matter in the best way possible. No matter how complicated your situation may be, prosecutors are likely to seek the harshest possible penalties, but a criminal defense attorney can take the big picture into consideration with a view toward protecting you from negative consequences.

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