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April 2014 Archives

Volusia County man charged with robbery after car crash

Individuals with prior criminal convictions understandably want to avoid the serious consequences that can result from another arrest. Sometimes people do desperate things to avoid going to jail. However, when desperation turns into the urge to flee police, a matter of moments can lead to multiple serious charges.

Daytona Beach man charged with felony DUI after fatal crash

Serious auto accidents involving allegations of drunk driving can be devastating for everyone involved. No one wakes up and expects to be involved in a deadly accident, but unfortunately fatal crashes are a reality, and drivers can face serious criminal charges if police believe alcohol was involved.

New investigation opened in case of alleged rape

Florida readers who follow college sports may remember the recent legal issues surrounding Jameis Winston, the well-known lead quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles. Earlier this month, the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights opened an investigation against Winston involving charges of rape. The investigation was a response to a complaint filed in early March by Winston’s accuser.

Federal drug policy catching up with states

When an individual is charged with a federal drug crime, one of the important aspects of the sentencing process is mandatory minimums. This refers to federal guidelines that prescribe minimum sentences in connection with specific drug convictions. Mandatory minimum sentences were an effort to remove discretion from federal judges and ensure that drug offenders receive an adequately harsh penalty.

To blow or not to blow: that is the question

While my favorite melancholy prince was pondering greater mysteries, one of the questions I get asked the most is "Should I take a breath test or not?" As Courts sometimes do when they are asked to answer questions, first let me rephrase the question as "If I am asked to do any kind of physical exercise by a police officer to see if I am impaired, what should I say and do? And then if I am asked to give a breath blood or urine sample, what should I say?

Circuit court judge has red-light camera traffic violation dismissed

Judge Dennis Craig of the Seventh Circuit Court in Bunnell was recently forced to defend himself in court over a traffic ticket issued by a red-light camera. What is interesting about the case is that the arguments Craig made in order to have the citation dismissed are similar to what critics of red-light cameras have said. Ultimately, it was the evidence that mattered in the case—the fact that the video footage showed that Craig was not the one behind the wheel at the time the picture was taken.

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