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What is a Trial Lawyer? - Some Big Firm News

Flem Whited III and Daniel Leising join Delgado & Romanik

Before I talk about what a trial lawyer is, I want to announce exciting news. Delgado & Romanik ("DDRR") is very proud to announce the addition of Mr. Flem Whited, III, to the Firm. Mr. Whited, who is one of the pre-eminent DUI attorneys in the nation, is of counsel to the Firm and we could not be more thrilled. We have also added attorney Daniel Leising who previously practiced with Mr. Whited at the Whited Law Firm. Both of these gentlemen are experienced attorneys and they are both trial lawyers. So, now we have six trial lawyers dedicated to criminal defense with over 150 years combined experience who have collectively tried hundred of jury trials including first degree murder, DUI manslaughters, drug trafficking cases and just about every type of criminal charge possible.

A Firm of Trial Lawyers

It also means we are a firm of trial lawyers. A trial lawyer is a different breed of lawyer. And it is a dying breed. In recent years, the number of cases that go to trial has sharply decreased, across all practice areas lawyers are trying fewer and fewer cases. A partner at a large civil defense firm may have tried one case in the last five or ten years. That doesn't mean he or she isn't a great lawyer, doesn't get great results for their clients or should somehow be overlooked. In fact, you can be a victim of your own success. As you develop a reputation as a great trial lawyer, cases start working themselves out. Clients get better deals, prosecutors get cold feet and it's easy to begin to let your reputation carry the day. And when that happens, you stop being a trial lawyer. You lose that edge, that hungry eye for courtroom battle.

The Challenge of Trial

Trial work is hard and it is messy. You may lose cases. You may suffer crushing defeats. I have sat in silence, almost crying, driving home with my partner from a murder trial we lost. But the next week, we got back up and we won a string of trials over the next few months. A trial lawyer may get knocked down, but he gets back up. He learns from every bad ruling, every objection he didn't make and should have, he sharpens himself on the whetstone of the Courtroom. He bleeds, he cries, he wins, he celebrates. It is a visceral experience unlike any other. It is not for everyone.

Some cases should be settled, some cases need to be plea deals. But sometimes you have to take Justice. You have to reach out and grab it and say this is my right, this is my day, this is my trial and this is my champion. And you want a champion with battle scars, with life experience, with compassion and integrity. You want someone who is authentic and who will speak for you to the Judge and Jury. You want someone who will be your shield and your sword. You want someone who will be strong when others are weak, someone who will be bold when others are timid. You want a trial lawyer and when you do we would be honored to stand there next to you.

From time to time, I am going to post on the blog our thoughts about the practice of law. I am going to talk to you about the passion that burns bright at DDRR. The energy that surrounds us at the office. the laughter and brotherhood of men who have chosen to fight, every day, for our clients. My fellow attorneys are my best friends. I am proud to be with them every day. And I promise that when your day comes in court, you will have us there, at our best, till the end. It is the reason we do this job. Thank you for letting us work for you.

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