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Young Florida man arrested, charged with 2 murders

A 20-year-old Florida man with 20 prior arrests was taken into custody on Nov. 21 in Miami Gardens, this time facing charges for two murders. Police arrested the man along with six others while executing a search warrant in the Miami-Dade area. The arrests came about at a time when Miami Gardens was experiencing a period of especially high violent crime. The community had 10 shootings in the previous 11 days before the indictment.

The court charged the 20-year-old in custody with the recent Nov. 4 murder of a young man who was just outside of his home. Furthermore, Miami Gardens police told the media that the same man is also facing accusations of murdering a young man in 2012.

The mayor of Miami Gardens publicly promised to crack down on the rampant violence that has taken the city captive stating, "We will do everything and anything we can so that people can walk out their house and feel like they can walk back in their house safely." Local police have also increased security and arrests in certain high-crime areas.

When the public feels unsettled by crime in their city, they may look to their city law enforcement to find the perpetrators and lock them up. Unfortunately, it's possible for authorities to may make wrongful arrests of individuals for the sake of public appeasement. It may be helpful for these individuals in custody who believe they have been wrongfully detained to have access to a defense attorney that has experience dealing with such publicly-demanded arrests.

Source: NBC Miami, "Miami Gardens Police Make Arrest in Two Murder Cases", Steve Litz, November 21, 2013

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