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September 2013 Archives

Florida court: rushing dying cat to hospital no defense to DUI

In 2010, a Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy pulled a man over for driving 84 mph in a 55 mph zone and for veering across traffic toward an exit ramp. When the deputy approached, the man pleaded with the officer to let him go because he was rushing his friend’s dying cat to a veterinary hospital. Instead, the deputy administered field sobriety and Intoxilyzer tests, and arrested him for drunk driving.

Are our prescription drug records used for law enforcement? Pt. 2

In our last post, we began a discussion of a recent constitutional lawsuit against Florida’s prescription drug monitoring database E-FORCSE. A local attorney, joined by the ACLU of Florida, brought the lawsuit after learning that some 3,300 confidential prescription records, including his own, had been harvested by state and federal law enforcement and given to our local State Attorney’s Office.

Are our prescription drug records used for law enforcement? Pt. 1

Florida’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, or PDMP, is under fire again. The PDMP, which was created to help doctors avoid overprescribing addictive prescription drugs, requires doctors and pharmacists to report prescribing or dispensing Schedule II, III, and IV controlled substances. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida recently brought forward evidence that both the federal Drug Enforcement Agency and state law enforcement agencies appear to have direct access to the health care database.

Florida man charged with DUI after police stop him for flat tire

The circumstances surrounding a recent arrest in Miami-Dade County has left a lot of unanswered questions for not only the 37-year-old man who was arrested but readers of our blog who could find themselves -- or may have already -- in a situation like this.

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