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August 2013 Archives

Florida law enforcement hopeful arrested on drug charges

It probably goes without saying that being charged with even a minor crime can have a significant impact on a person's career and personal reputation. Especially for students or recent graduates at the dawn of their professional career, it's imperative that they avoid getting involved in criminal behavior.

$15 million from MacArthur Foundation for juvenile justice reform

The MacArthur Foundation has just announced $15 million in grants to four organizations working for juvenile justice reform, on top of its existing work in the area. This $15 million brings MacArthur’s total investment, over the past 20 years, to $165 million in grants to organizations promoting efforts to promote fair access to the courts for juvenile offenders, enhanced training for all those involved in the juvenile justice system, diversion programs for low-level and status offenders, and a variety of issues of concern to youth in criminal and delinquency courts nationwide.

After lawyer is set up by Tampa DUI unit, other cases challenged

In the wake of the recent scandal within the Tampa Police Department’s DUI squad, the police chief has undertaken a reorganization of that unit to decentralize its authority and allow more oversight. She also reassigned the unit’s former head, although no official sanctions have been determined.

2 Florida mayors accused after FBI bribery and corruption sting

On Tuesday morning, the mayors of Miami Lakes and Sweetwater were arrested and charged with engaging in a federal bribery and public corruption conspiracy. Each is accused of conspiring with lobbyists, who have also been arrested, to push fraudulent federal grant applications through the system in exchange for kickbacks. The formal charges are conspiracy to commit extortion in their roles as public officials.

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