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Florida woman gets three years in prison for DUI death

Many Florida law enforcement agencies are aggressively pursuing those motorists it suspects of driving under the influence. When police stop one of these individuals, the officers will begin an investigation to determine if there are signs of impairment present. The motorists may be asked to perform field sobriety tests, and if they fail, they may be arrested. 

However, there are some DUI arrests that are made because the motorist has been in an accident. These crashes can cause serious injuries, which will only increase the potential penalties that a motorist may be facing. Recently, a Florida woman was sentenced to three years in prison after she killed a woman while driving under the influence. 

The accident happened in 2011. The woman was driving home when she rear-ended another vehicle while traveling at over 80 miles-per-hour. The other driver was killed in the crash. When the woman's blood-alcohol content was examined, she registered at 0.231 percent, way above the 0.08 percent limit in the state.

In addition to the prison sentence, the motorist may be on probation for up to 15 years once she is released. She must also perform community service, and talk to children about what can happen when a person has too much to drink before driving.

This case reminds motorists of the severe penalties that can be handed down for alcohol-related driving offenses. Even a first-time offender in Florida will most likely lose his or her driving privileges if convicted. The prosecution will often have a great deal of evidence against motorists in these cases, making it difficult to offer a defense to the charges.

Motorists arrested for DUI may speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn more about their rights. An attorney can help these individuals consider the choices that they have to make at this time, so that they understand what will be best for their situation.

Source: The Miami Herald, "Former UM student begins three-year sentence in DUI death," Gina Cherelus, June 19, 2013

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