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May 2013 Archives

Operation Tinker Bell results in the arrest of 14 for drug crimes

Throughout the nation, including the Daytona Beach area, there is a demand for various illegal drugs. Where there is a demand, there is often also a supply. In an attempt to keep the streets free of these substances, law enforcement routinely seeks to arrest those it believes are responsible for the distribution of the drugs. This is true whether the drug is grown or manufactured.

College Park woman's manslaughter case based solely on 911 call

A 48-year-old College Park woman is currently being tried on the charge of "manslaughter with a weapon," and the case has brought up a number of questions about what behavior should be expected from someone who may be a victim of domestic violence. Based on reports of the prosecutor's opening statement on Monday, the manslaughter case is built entirely around the woman's 911 call after her boyfriend died.

Gun homicide down 49 percent since 1993; Can we be less afraid?

Two new studies on the prevalence of gun violence in our society have concluded that both gun-related homicides and other crimes involving weapons have dropped sharply since 1993 and continue to decline. The two studies, by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics and the nonpartisan group the Pew Research Center, both tied the reduction in gun violence to an overall drop in all violent crimes over the past few decades.

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