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February 2013 Archives

Should a pre-teen golf cart joyride be charged as a felony?

Two middle school boys have been charged with felonies after joyriding in golf carts at the Volusia Memorial Gardens cemetery in Ormond Beach. One of the golf carts was damaged and will cost an estimated $3,000 to repair. It is not clear whether the pair will be facing the felony theft charges in adult or juvenile court.

Do DUI defendants have the right to see the Intoxilyzer's code?

The only breath testing devices whose evidence is admissible in Florida courts is the Intoxilyzer, which is manufactured by CMI, Inc., a company based in Kentucky. Attorneys for three Seminole County DUI defendants say that the programming documentation for the Intoxilyzers is essential to the defense, because only that documentation can allow them determine whether the machines are working correctly.

Police say man accidentally dialed 911 then discussed drug deals

According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, a 19-year-old tow truck driver and his two passengers had quite a surprise last Tuesday when deputies pulled the truck over and asked why the men inside were talking about selling drugs. How did they know? The driver apparently had his cell phone in his pocket and, as sometimes happens, the phone accidentally dialed. Unfortunately for this man, it dialed 911.

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