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Mother arrested on 22-year-old theft warrant

Everyone does stupid things when they are young. But people change as the years roll by, and it's easy to forget the minor transgressions that may have been committed in the past. One woman thought she had put her past behind her as she, her husband and her two children embarked on a Disney cruise earlier this month. The authorities had other ideas, however. Police arrested her has she got off the ship at Cape Canaveral. Her crime? Failure to pay an $85 court fee in 1991.

The charges were related to a conviction on a minor theft charge. The woman had been arrested for shoplifting a pack of cigarettes when she was 18. She apparently failed to pay the court fee; a warrant for her arrest has been outstanding in Orange County for the past 22 years.

The warrant was discovered when officials examined the cruise ship's passenger manifest, searching for names that matched those on the terrorist watch list. When authorities examined the woman's identity, they found the warrant. She was arrested and sent to Brevard County Jail. She cannot post bail until she is transferred to an Orange County facility, because that is where the original crime took place. The transfer will apparently take place "sometime this week."

The woman currently works for Pratt & Whitney, for whom she reportedly designs jet engines. She says that although she will accept responsibility for her actions, she feels she does not deserve the treatment that has been given to her.

As this story shows, even small infractions can disrupt a person's life. Those accused of crimes, therefore, should do all they can to defend their position properly and in a timely manner. In most cases, a defense attorney can help to ensure that the matter is dealt with completely and appropriately. This sort of assistance can help the defendant to truly put the past behind them, and move forward with their lives.

Source: New York Daily News, "Connecticut woman nabbed during family's Disney vacation for 22-year-old shoplifting warrant," Erik Ortiz, Jan. 22, 2013

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