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December 2012 Archives

Drug bust: Police ransack Daytona Beach rental home

When police attempt to bust a suspected meth lab, they often move in with overwhelming force. This is a measure taken to ensure that all suspects are taken into custody, and to protect the safety of the officers. But what happens when the police make a mistake, and raid a house that is not a meth lab?

Three Palm Coast teens arrested for vandalism of decorations

Three Palm Coast teenagers are accused of a serious lack of holiday spirit after they allegedly vandalized or stole holiday decorations from a number of local homes. The three 17-year-old boys were arrested last week after police investigated reports of stolen holiday lights at several Palm Coast homes. They have since been charged with felony grand theft from a dwelling, criminal mischief and felony criminal mischief.

Florida Supreme Court to hear dispute over breath test machine

When authorities accuse a driver of DUI, often their case rests upon one main piece of evidence- the breath test. Often called a "Breathalyzer test," this is a simple analysis of a person's blood-alcohol content based on the composition of the air they exhale. Breath tests allow for police officers to make quick judgments of driver's blood alcohol content; drivers who register over .08 percent will find themselves in serious legal trouble.

Florida woman faces trial in lottery winner homicide

Recently, a trial began for the highly-publicized homicide of a Florida man, who police say was killed over a $3.5 million lottery payout. Authorities accuse the man's female friend of committing the crime, claiming she was after the man's fortune.

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