Trial Vs. Settlement

One of the fears that many people have about the civil justice system is that they will have to go to court. The truth is, very few personal injury cases end up in court. The vast majority are settled through negotiations with the insurance company.

At the law firm of Delgado & Romanik in Daytona Beach, Florida, our lawyers resolve personal injury cases through both trial and settlement. While we believe it is in our clients' interests to pursue a settlement, we prepare each case as it were going to trial. By doing so, our lawyers will be ready to try the case if the insurance company does not make a fair settlement offer.

Some law firms rarely, if ever, try cases. Insurance companies know that these firms will seek to settle the case as quickly as possible for whatever the insurance company is willing to pay. As a result, insurance companies offer these law firms far less money than the case is worth.

Our law firm has a reputation for trying cases successfully. Insurance companies know that we are ready and willing to try a case in order to obtain a fair outcome for our clients. As a result, we are able to resolve the majority of the cases on favorable terms.

Some cases need to be tried, either because liability is contested or because the damages are so great, the defendant refuses to pay willingly. If your case needs to be tried, our lawyers will be at your side from beginning to end. If you are called upon to give testimony, we will prepare you for the kinds of questions you will face.

Many cases reach a negotiated settlement during the trial — sometimes even during jury deliberations. Our lawyers will forward settlement offers to you and advise you every step of the way.

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