Personal Injury FAQ

Following an accident that causes serious injury, victims are left with significant medical bills — and overwhelming questions. At Delgado & Romanik , we provide skilled personal injury representation, as well as the answers and information you need to make educated decisions.

If you have been hurt by the negligence of another individual or a company, please call our Daytona Beach, Florida, law firm today at 386-492-8694 to discuss your case and the options available to you.

Some of the most common questions we receive from clients include:

How am I going to pay my medical bills?

If your injury was caused by the negligence or reckless actions of another person or a company, there are legal steps you can take to recover compensation that will cover the cost of treatment and rehabilitation.

Our attorneys are skilled in assembling the evidence and medical documentation needed to show how bad the injury is and what should have been done by the responsible party to prevent it. We will file a claim on your behalf and fight to ensure that you are granted the damages you deserve.

My insurance company won't work with me! What are my options?

Insurance companies are running a business where they make a profit by charging premiums and paying out the minimum amount on each claim. While some insurance companies have their clients' best interests at heart, many are out to maximize profits. They know that the average consumer will get confused or give up after getting the runaround.

Individuals who work through an attorney typically receive more in settlements and receive it more quickly. The insurance companies do not want to spend money on a costly legal battle or litigation. They are much more likely to work with an attorney than an individual, especially with a lawyer with the experience and skill to get results.

How much is it going to cost to hire an attorney?

At Delgado & Romanik , we work on a contingency fee basis. We don't take a payment unless you are awarded compensation. We are committed to helping you get the legal solutions you need to recover damages and get your life back on track.