Deportation And Removal Lawyers

Florida Asylum Attorneys

At the office of Delgado & Romanik , our team of highly skilled attorneys provides clients with focused immigration solutions. As deportation, removal and asylum are cases our immigration lawyers are experienced in, please contact us to discuss these, green card and naturalization, or other immigration matters you may be facing.

An important warning from Delgado & Romanik :

Beware of "immigration paralegals" or "notaries" who lack legal education and training and are not licensed attorneys. Attorneys are required to provide ethical representation and are closely governed by the Bar, while unlicensed immigration "helpers," "paralegals, or "notaries" are not. Often they disappear with clients' hard-earned money, ruining their clients' cases. Before you pay thousands of dollars to a non-lawyer, contact us.


Many factors can contribute to an individual's deportation. Domestic violence and other criminal issues are one of the main contributing factors to deportation. Our firm confidently handles both the immigration and criminal sides of these types of cases for our clients. It is intimidating to face deportation, regardless of the grounds. We assist clients in representation with immigration cases involving deportation.


Though similar to deportation, removal proceedings are used against an individual who is in the country illegally. While removal actions may be difficult to oppose, there may be circumstances providing grounds to file an adjustment of status petition. Our firm represents clients facing removal and we explain all available options to attempt to prevent your removal from the U.S.


Our firm provides comprehensive representation to individuals seeking asylum in the United States. We are experienced in working on applications for asylum and can help you understand what you can do to gain asylum. In most cases, documentation of the persecution and/or situation (the credible fear of persecution) in your home country is needed. We work closely with clients to ensure that this information is gathered and properly presented to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Contact a deportation lawyer at our office today to discuss your specific situation and needs. At Delgado & Romanik , we understand your concerns regarding immigration issues. Our entire staff works to explain your options and provide you with realistic expectations, so that you have a complete picture of your case.