Criminal Record Sealing And Expungement Attorneys

Your criminal record may have an impact on your life for years. It can cause problems when a background check is done for housing, employment or other reasons. To prevent your past arrests and charges from coming back to haunt you, it may be possible to seek the sealing and/or expungement of your criminal record.

Our lawyers at Delgado & Romanik are experienced of the requirements that a person must meet to seek an expungement and/or sealing of his or her records. We have offices in Daytona Beach, DeLand and Altamonte Springs. Call 386-492-8694 today so our lawyers can explain how the requirements apply to your case if:

  • You have never previously had your records sealed or expunged.
  • You have never been convicted (adjudicated) of a misdemeanor, criminal ordinance violation or felony.
  • You are not under court supervision.

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Sealing Records

Sealing records does not mean the case record was destroyed. However, it does mean that your criminal record is not available to the general public and will appear to most record requests as though you had no record.


Through the expungement of your case, the court records are destroyed and the information about your criminal past is not available to the general public and/or private background checks, and the few governmental agencies that are entitled to access only receive information that a record was expunged, not the details of the record.

A lawyer at our firm can discuss the specifics of your case with you to determine if sealing or expunging is available to clear your record.

It is important to know that not all types of charges can be sealed and/or expunged. There are limitations that we can discuss with you based on our assessment of your situation. However, juvenile records are automatically sealed, which is beneficial to the juvenile's future.

Contact an expungement attorney to discuss the possibility of expunging and/or sealing your records. We at the office of Delgado & Romanik provide a free initial consultation to our clients.