Call A Criminal Defense Lawyer Before Speaking With Police

If you are confronted by the police for any reason, politely refuse to answer any questions and tell them you wish to speak with an attorney. Then call us at 386-492-8694 as soon as possible. This is the one thing you absolutely must do to protect your rights. In fact, we encourage you to enter our number in your cellphone right now.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of talking to a lawyer sooner rather than later if you are facing criminal charges. This is also true if you are the subject of an investigation, but have not yet been charged. Talking to the police on your own is risky at best. A skilled criminal defense attorney at Delgado & Romanik can help ensure that your rights are protected to the greatest extent.

Being accused of a crime or charged with a crime is a stressful situation for virtually anyone. The stakes are high: above all, your freedom itself. What you say and do when you are under investigation or under questioning is bound to have an impact on the outcome of your case. Many people under suspicion or accusation have a natural impulse to want to explain their way out of the situation. It is understandable if you want to tell the police or your spouse or your boss "what really happened" if an arrest seems imminent or has already taken place. Doing this could be disastrous.

Please resist the temptation to talk about your case, the criminal charges, your alibi or any related matter with anyone but your attorney. Lawyers at Delgado & Romanik have achieved results for our clients such as:

  • Getting bail bonds greatly reduced
  • Preventing clients from becoming overwhelmed by questioning from police
  • Helping clients get probation in lieu of jail
  • Getting charges reduced or dismissed

Facing interrogation by police without a skilled defense lawyer is nearly always the wrong thing to do if you value your freedom. Call a criminal defense attorney before speaking with police.

To quote a letter that our law firm often sends out to interested parties when we are representing a client:

Our firm represents Mr. X.

He is represented by counsel and asserting his constitutional rights, including but not limited to the right to remain silent and choose not to speak with law enforcement. Accordingly, you may not speak (or attempt to speak) with him regarding any matter. No consent is given, nor will consent be given, to conduct any searches. Any consent or waiver which may have been given is expressly withdrawn. All requests for information or cooperation should be directed to me, including any subpoenas.

In the event you arrest or detain Mr. X, he requests I be notified immediately. Mr. X expressly exercises his right to remain silent. By signing this letter, Mr. X affirms all assertions in this letter.

Free Consultation With Daytona Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

You may believe you cannot afford to hire a private criminal defense attorney. Be reassured that Delgado & Romanik is prepared to work with you to make a strong defense within your reach. We offer free initial consultations and a variety of payment options, including credit cards, payment plans and assignments.

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