Is your attorney board certified?

Finding an attorney is difficult, but looking for board certification can help.

Hiring an attorney is not an exciting prospect. Often, if an attorney is needed, it is due to some tragic life event. Perhaps you were wrongly charged with committing a crime or were injured in a car accident. Whatever event has resulted in the legal issue, an attorney is often the professional that can help build a case to resolve the problem.

Finding the right attorney can be overwhelming. Many attorneys are practicing and may make various claims about their experience and expertise, but how do you know if these claims are true? One way to help sort through the options is to look for an attorney that is board certified.

Why choose a board certified lawyer?

Like the medical field, the legal field is very specialized. If someone suffers a heart attack, they are likely to go to a cardiologist. If a child needs a check-up, they are likely to see a pediatrician. A physician is chosen based on their specialty. The same is true in the legal world. If someone is charged with a crime, they seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney, not a family law practitioner.

Patients can take additional steps to better ensure their physician is thoroughly trained by choosing a board certified physician. This also holds true in the legal world. Board certified lawyers generally have a certain amount of experience and are also required to complete additional legal education, referred to as continuing legal education (CLE). Attorneys that receive certification generally need to provide judicial and peer references as well as complete an exam.

It is also important to note that certification is not static. Attorneys with certification must continue to meet these high standards to remain certified. An attorney that is up for recertification must often meet the same standards that were present during the initial certification process.

When it comes to a board certification for criminal trial attorneys, a higher ethical standard also applies.

How many attorneys are certified in Florida?

Less than ten percent of attorneys in the state are board certified, according to the Florida Bar, a group of legal professionals from throughout the country. Although there are not many certified attorneys in the state, finding one to aid in your legal matter is possible.

Delgado & Romanik is one of few firms in the state that offers the counsel of not one, but three board certified criminal trial lawyers. These professionals will advocate for your interests, working to better ensure a positive resolution for your legal issue.