Aaron Delgado, of Delgado & Romanik , Wins in the Ring and in the Court

Aaron DelgadoRELEASED: Aug. 29, 2013


Aaron Delgado, a criminal defense attorney and managing partner with Delgado & Romanik , has won his first and last mixed martial arts match recently. The match lasted less than a minute and enabled Delgado to check off an item on his bucket list.

Having studied judo while in high school, Delgado began learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu while also earning his Juris Doctor. His black belt certificate and law degree are on display together in his office and he says that getting into a ring with an opponent is similar to representing a client in a court of law. He successfully defended one of his coaches from Fight Sports Daytona when the coach was cited for driving with a suspended license.

It was this same drive to succeed that led to Delgado's win in the MMA cage. Facing an opponent who is significantly younger, taller and heavier, Delgado's strategy was to land an early takedown. The strategy worked and within 31 seconds of the bout beginning, the match was over. Having accomplished his goal, Delgado says he is finished with MMA competition.

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