Aaron Delgado elected as Daytona Beach City Commissioner

This article talks about Aaron Delgado's election as a Daytona Beach City Commissioner for Zone 2.

Aaron Delgado, managing partner of Delgado & Romanik , PLC., has been elected as a Daytona Beach City Commissioner. As the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports, Delgado's successful campaign has focused on issues that many residents of Volusia County are concerned about, including homelessness, marijuana decriminalization, and preserving Daytona Beach's natural beauty and scenery. As a Daytona Beach City Commissioner, Delgado will represent Zone 2.

Giving back to the community

Delgado's run as Zone 2 Commissioner has been focused on giving back to a community that has provided him with so many opportunities. Delgado moved to Daytona Beach in 2004 after having graduated from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. While Delgado is proud to call Daytona Beach home, his upbringing has reflected a family tradition of public service that is truly global in scope. He is the son of a U.S. diplomat, for example, and has spent much of his live growing up overseas.

After moving to Volusia County, Delgado began his own law firm, which defends the rights of those who have been accused or injured. As a criminal trial lawyer, Delgado has been especially active at advocating for the constitutional rights of the accused. In addition to his law practice, Delgado is an accomplished mixed martial artist and won the 2012 World Championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Issues facing Daytona Beach

Delgado's experiences as a defense lawyer, son of a U.S. diplomat, and accomplished martial artist have given him a unique take on some of the challenges facing Volusia County. As a criminal defense attorney he knows first hand how Florida's tough drug laws can unfairly hold back otherwise good people, which is why he supports reclassifying possession of small amounts of marijuana as a civil rather than a criminal offense and to put money generated from citations into drug treatment programs.

Additionally, Delgado has focused his campaign on ensuring that Daytona Beach takes a more long-term approach to its homeless problem, such as by providing more beds to the homeless. Furthermore, he supports measures that would encourage property owners to keep their lots clean and well maintained in order to keep Daytona Beach looking beautiful.

Injury and criminal law

Delgado's election as Zone 2 Commissioner is a major achievement in a long line of successes for the firm of Delgado & Romanik , PLC. For those who have been accused of a crime or who have been injured in an accident, it is important to be represented by a law firm that is experienced in upholding the rights of the injured and the accused. By contacting Delgado & Romanik today, anybody injured or charged with a criminal offense will have the aggressive and dedicated advocates they need on their side.