Aaron Delgado Board-Certified In Criminal Trial Law

Aaron Delgado has achieved the distinction of being board-certified in criminal trial law by the Board Of Legal Specialization & Education of the Florida State Bar.

Certification is the Florida Bar's highest level of recognition of a lawyer's competency and experience in a particular area of law, as well as his or her professionalism and ethics. Only 7 percent of eligible Florida Bar members have earned board certification in their area of practice.

Lawyers who are board certified have taken extra steps to demonstrate their competence and experience evaluated. Those steps include:

  • Practicing law for a minimum of five years.
  • Demonstrating substantial involvement in the field of law they are seeking certification in
  • Passing a peer review in competency, character, ethics and professionalism
  • Satisfy the Bar's requirements for continuing legal education requirements for the practice area
  • Passing an examination or meeting the criteria to exempt the exam

Only a lawyer who is board-certified can refer to himself or herself as a specialist or expert in a particular area of law. Board-certified attorneys can also use the initials "B.C.S" (for board certified specialist) after their name.